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The firm was established over 20 years ago, and has remained a tightly focussed operation concentrating on providing a personal, prompt, and high quality service. Sometimes larger accountancy firms can find it difficult to deliver such service levels, regardless of how professional and knowledgeable their staff may be.

We specialise in advising small/medium sized enterprises keen to maximise their potential. With considerable commercial experience gained in industry combined with professional expertise gained in practice, we believe we can better understand the problems faced by owner managers and entrepreneurs. There may be no easy answers, but we do have the advantage of being able to see the wood from the trees, or even sometimes ask the blindingly obvious question which might just trigger that ‘eureka’ moment.

We offer a wide range of services to companies and individuals – all the usual accountancy and tax services as well as more proactive business advisory and development services. Our overriding concern is that they have a positive added value benefit to your business. Click on the links to the Business or Personal sections of our services to see in detail some of the areas where we can help you.

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Our fees

One of the greatest concerns of anyone using the services of a professional firm is cost. While there is some truth in the old saying ‘you only get what you pay for’, professional fees seem to rise exponentially with the size of firm. Having experienced the inner workings of much larger firms, we are acutely aware that it is very easy for partners to become distanced from their clients, albeit unintentionally. With separate departments such as specialist tax and financial planning, marketing, human resources and a whole host of other services which clients rarely need, overheads mushroom. However, they all have to be paid for and the cost is loaded across the board, not just on those who use them. Ever wondered who pays for the glossy marketing campaigns, the ‘free’ seminars or the constant round of entertainment for potential new clients and other introducers? By staying small we aim to provide good value whilst having access to independent expert advice when needed.

We also recognise that clients are wary of open ended arrangements, loosely based on time spent at varying rates per hour, with unexpected bills dropping through the letterbox on a monthly or even weekly basis. We agree the scope of the work to be undertaken before starting and give a firm estimate of the cost. Of course assignments sometimes do go beyond that originally planned but we will always discuss with you the cost of any extra work and only proceed once this is agreed.


Finally, the role of the owner manager can be one of the loneliest in business. Many hard decisions have to be made but there is no-one to discuss them with or turn to for support. For many clients this is the most important service of all, acting as an independent sounding board and source of advice. Although we obviously don’t have the detailed knowledge of a full time manager in a specific industry, we do have a wealth of experience gained across a broad range of companies and industries and can often assist in resolving problems far removed from narrow financial issues. We never cease to be surprised how often the same problems keep cropping up in different companies in different guises.

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