As your business grows, you may reach the stage where you decide to take on employees. This can be a considerable headache for many business owners. Calculating employees pay and filing the payroll return with HMRC is a routine, repetitive task that can take a lot of time.  However, payroll is another essential task, not only in terms of statutory compliance, but also so your entire team gets paid the right amount every time and on schedule.

As accountants, we can assist in running your payroll and PAYE scheme.  As well as ensuring that all weekly or monthly filings under RTI (Real Time Information) are made on time, this can also include calculating the pay of your employees, creating payslips, or administering pension contributions (including auto-enrolment).  We can also handle any queries from HMRC that may arise.

Pay calculations can be different for each member of staff, and are based on more than just their salary or hours worked.  For instance, you have to take into account their terms and conditions, benefits, and deductions.  Benefits can encompass maternity, paternity and sick pay, while deductions can include student loan repayments and attachment orders.

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