Self assessment

If you are required to file a self-assessment tax return by HMRC, it is your responsibility to complete it and return it within the deadline. We all know of its importance, but some of us are nevertheless guilty of leaving it on the backburner. We understand why; tax returns are overly complex and require considerable preparation and time if you are going to complete them properly. Leaving completion until the last minute is not advised, and risks getting hit with a late filing penalty.

Whether you need to file a return because of income from self-employment or rental properties, or you have investments and capital gains, self-assessment tax returns involve more than filling in the blank spaces and providing your personal details. We can help you file the return using our specialist tax software.

With MTD ITSA (Making Tax Digital Income Tax Self Assessment) on the horizon, and with the requirement for quarterly submissions to HMRC, the burden of compliance will only increase

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